Our Seabee is a slightly modified scale model of the classic Republic Seabee, featuring a fiberglass fuselage weighing 18oz. The Fuselage is composed of fiberglass mat, resulting in greater unidirectional strength and stiffness. You will find that our fuselages have fewer pin holes than other glass kits.

The instructions come with a step by step description of how to easily deal with pin holes in fiberglass. The wings are precut out of small bead 1 lb. density virgin foam and are designed to be sheeted with 1/16" balsa. The rudder, horizontal stab and elevators are presawn out of 1/4" light weight balsa. The fuel tank is mounted ahead of the engine inside the fiberglass nacelle. The engine cowl and wing floats are also fiberglass. The floats come with all the hardware necessary to mount them, including a presawn 1" dowel for mounting in the foam wing cores. Included in the kit is a clear vacuum formed bubble for the windows. This bubble goes inside the fuselage after the windows are cut out, leaving the frames and giving the plane a great scale look. Functional wing lift struts eliminate the necessity of a spar in the wing, allowing a stressed skin design that makes building fast and easy.

This airplane is a very gentle trainer-like plane to fly due to the constant cord high lift airfoil. The Seabee takes off in about 100¹ of water with a .40 engine. It is not a great rough water airplane, however. Boat wakes are difficult, but a small wind makes takeoffs significantly easier. The twin bee takes off more quickly. The kit includes full size plans, window bubble, a fiberglass fuselage, 2 piece wing foam cores, lift struts, control horns, hinges, screws and bolts, and all necessary wood. The wing mounts, engine firewall, and tank well reinforcements are also included and are presawn. The plans show how to make retractable gear for true amphibian operation. The twin bee wing is a separate wing and can be purchased also, so it can be flown as a twin or a single engine plane. The plane actually performs much better as a twin than a single engine plane. The twin version includes motor firewalls, reinforcements, and vac. formed cowls and nacelles.


1 1--fiberglass fuselage
2 1--engine cowl
3 1--engine nacelle
4 1--vac. formed cockpit
5 2--floats
6 2--foam wing cores
7 4--control horns
8 1--36² x 3/32² wire for elev. & rud. extensions
9 1--18² x 1/8² wire for water rudder pushrod
10 1--water rudder steering arm
11 1--2 x 3² sheetmetal water rudder
12 1--2-1/4² x 3/32² water rudder shaft
13 1--1-1/2² x 3/32² ID brass tube
14 13--hinges
15 1--10-24 hex head nylon wing bolt
16 1--10-24 blind nut
17 1--35² aluminum lift strut
18 14-#4 x 3/8 screws for lift struts, cowl mounts, float brace
19 2--1/8² wire float struts 8²
20 2--1/8² wire float strut braces 6-3/8²
21 2--solder lugs to mount strut braces
22 1--24² wire for wire wrap when soldering
23 2--float strut stream line tubing
25 2--3/8² sq. x 3-1/2 for servo side rails in fuse.
26 2--3/8² sq. x 6 for servo cross rails in fuse
27 2--3/4² cube for lift strut blocks
28 2--3/8 x 3/4 x 1 blocks for aileron servo mounts
29 8--3/8 sq. x 1/2 for nacelle and cowl mounts
30 1--1/8 x 1/2 x 2 for lift strut plates 50. 4--tank well sides
31 1--1/4 plate for wing mount blind nut 51. 2--tank well backs
32 1--fire wall 52. 2--firewalls
33 2--fire wall braces 53. 2--cowls
34 1--1/8 ply wing bolt doubler 54. 2--nacelles
35 2--splash rails
36 2--1/4² x 1/2 for aileron servo anchors
37 2--1/4 x 1 wing mount dowels
38 1--1/4 x 3 for elevator coupler
39 4--1 x 1-5/16 for float and lift strut anchors
40 2--1 x 1/2 x 36 leading edge
41 2--1 x 3/9 x 36 trailing edge
42 2--z x 1/2 x 1 for wing dowel backup
43 2--1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 9 for wing tips
44 1--1/4 balsa stab
45 2--1/4 elevators
46 1--1/2 balsa rudder
47 1--3/4 cube for water rudder block
48 8--1/16 x 4 x 36 for wing sheeting
49 2--1/8 x 3/4 x 36 aileron leading edge