This scale model of the last of the famous PBY series features improved performance designs over the PBY with a V trailing step, a larger vertical stabilizer and a clipper bow that rides the waves better. Only 17 of the PBNs were delivered to the Navy. The remaining 139 were delivered to the Russians at the end of the war. This is the best water handling and flying of all of my kits. The wing floats are modified for better water handling also.

All wood is included except for the wing covering. The builder can select his / her own material for sheeting the wing. My prototype is covered with 2 layers of 1-1/2 oz. cloth with epoxy resin. The floats retract using a standard pneumatic 2 gear retractable landing gear set. The pylon detaches from the fuselage or it can be attached and molded in permanently after some of the building is done. The wing can be built in one piece or constructed so that the wing panels plug in just outboard of the engine cowls. The wing has a semi-symmetrical air foil with built in washout for excellent stall characteristics. The wing is precut for all of the spars, tanks etc. The lift struts are functional.

The kit includes fiberglass cowls, nacelles, vac. formed floats, cockpit and gunner blisters. A large assortment of hardware is included. Not included are pushrods, clevices, tanks or motor mounts. The kit contains 73 items and is very complete for a model of this scale. Two sheets of full size plans show the detail on how to build the PBN.

It takes off in 75-100 feet with 2 stroke .61s and is very aerobatic, if one desires. The ailerons have a servo mounted in each wing ahead of the aileron and the engine are controlled by one servo with a second servo controlling it to synchronize the motors. The rudder, retract and elevator servo are mounted under the wing pylon and the battery pack is mounted in the nose. The PBN is a great flying airplane --I call it my twin engine Piper Cub. It has excellent control authority through the complete speed range.

Wing Span: 104"
Glassic Aircraft Scale: 1/12
Wing Area: 1270 sq. in
Weight: 20 lbs.
Length: 70 in.
Engines: .61 2 C - .91 4C